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Discussion in 'Beginner's Q&A Forum' started by streaky_shalini, Dec 11, 2008.

  1. streaky_shalini

    streaky_shalini New Member

    Hi, ihave a simple question: given that i do not know anything about guitars, and plan to buy an electric guitar for someone else (who himself is just starting out learning), what should i buy?

    A little bit of information to help you advise, my budget is around 5000, and from the bit of research that i have been doing, from websites of stores such as RajMusic (Karol Bagh) and BharatMusical (Lajpat), i note that the Gb&A ST 1, the GB&A ST 2, and the Givson GS 1000 and Givson Super Deluxe are within my budget (being under 5000). However from the various posts that i have seen here, no one ever reviews these guitars. instead everyone talks about the high end yamahas and the fenders and such. However those are beyond my budget, and i would really appreciate advise within the budget that i have.

    Also, everywhere that i read, people advise that you should take someone who knows how to play the guitar while buying Unfortunately however, i don't know any person who know's how to play the guitar whom i i can take to buy the guitar and must go and buy the guitar myself. Which takes me to the next proble. everywhere it is recommended that buy the guitar after playing it, which wont help in my case since i don't know how to play the guitar.

    In this respect i have a few questions:
    a. what electric guitar should i buy within my range?
    b. what are the accesories that i need to buy with it (like the amp, speakers, plectrum etc)
    c. where in delhi can i buy it? are their places in delhi where i can buy a second hand guitar (given that the person i'm buying it for is just starting out learning)
    d. any other help and advise that you can give in this regard.

    thanks a lot in advance
  2. vicks_virgo

    vicks_virgo New Member

    Dear streaky_shalini, too many queries. BTW the money that you can spend will only get you the crappy giVson and GB&A that you have mentioned. Well, GB&As are still much better than giVsons. However, if you can stretch your budget to say 8k-9k, you will get squires which make guitars under licence from Fender. These are good ones to play blues etc. but certainly not for hard rock, metal etc. Now, the decision is all yours.
  3. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    With 5 K you can get a really good acoustic guitar.

    I would suggest that you get acoustic instead of electric.
    Acoustics are portable, without any hassles of finding electric supply, no cables, no amps required.

    Acoustics sound sweet and mellow. And you can practically do everythign you do electric.

    But ofcourse you would need someone along with you who can judge the quality of the guitar.
  4. sam#3

    sam#3 The Lucifer

    @ alpha
    ''An acoustic can do wtevr an electric can''???

    I never knew man....
    An acoustic is great... Yeah... The sweetest instrument... But u cant compare an electric wid it... Entirely different buddy...

    Newy, shalini... Counting all yr prblms, the best suggestion i can give u is dat get a chinese made stuff, say larry n cotrans or sumthing like dat... Dey will b suficient fr d person who has just started learning fr atleast next 5-7 years... Thou u cant xpect him to stik to dis guitar frevr if he progresses well... In case u stretch ur budget sqrs is gud...
    N ya wid a guitar u need an amp n a cable... Very basic things...
  5. sam#3

    sam#3 The Lucifer

    N hey... I hope u dint mean he gotta learn starightaway on electric...
  6. angel_of_sin

    angel_of_sin bassist.....

    ^^ wtf??? acoutics are bttr dan electric(my perspective)........and alpha1 is right u can do a lot on stuff on a acoustic which u normally do on an elecrtic......i learned black magic woman on da crappy Givson crown i used to own!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. angel_of_sin

    angel_of_sin bassist.....

    @shalini: its bttr if u buy dat person a good quality acoustic like a GB&A or a yamaha instead of a low quality electric............considering dat da person to whome u r bout to give da guitar too is a beginner... acoustics are da best to learn on.........
  8. sleuths

    sleuths New Member

    Guys.. m a begineer (only 5 months 0ld),, i use granada acoustic guitar.. nd believe me.. IT SUCKS.. one should learn on an electric guitar becos of these reasons..

    1)... its PAINFULL for yur fingers when yu learn on acounstics...
    2) .. as it is tougher on acoustic.. yu tend to get a bit frustated when yu cant practice for longer durations (because of this constant pain),, which increases your learning curve.. electric guitar is much better in this case.
  9. distorted

    distorted satan

    ^it also increases your finger strength n flexibility...
  10. vikramchamp

    vikramchamp New Member

    MY friend sleuths, acoustic guitar is definitely hard on your fingers. But the sounds an acoustic guitar makes is SO lovely and worth it. Plus, due to the brightness and wholeness of acoustic tone, it is a VERY versatile instruments. you can play rock songs, acoustic instrumentals and even classical pieces. Plus its a very good sing along instrument that requires no equipment and can be a lugged along for an evening at the beach with your pals. I played electric and quit it simply cos i wasnt satisfied hahaha

    but the rest is up to u. Once u get used to it, your learning curve will NOT be affected i can assure you this.

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