Req: Yemma yemma from 7aam Arivu..

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  1. Davmaniac

    Davmaniac New Member

    Can anyone kindly post chords for this beautiful song? It is nowhere to be found in the forum..
  2. rajeshguitar

    rajeshguitar New Member

    Thanks to roentgen, here are the chords.
    Dm) Yamma Yamma Kaathal Ponn (Gm) ama
    Nee (Dm)Ena Vittu Ponathennam(Gm) ma
    (Dm)Nenjukkule Kaayam Aacha(Gm)maa
    *En (Dm)Pattam Boochi Saayam Pocham (Gm) ma
    Adi (Gm) Aanoda Kaathal (D)Kai Rega *Pola
    (Gm) Pennoda Kaathal (D)Kai Kutta Pola..
    (Dm)Kanavukkulla Avala Vechche (A) nae
    En (A)Kanna Renda Thirudi Ponaa(Dm)le..
    (Dm)*Pullaanguyala Kaiyil Thantha (A)ale..
    En (A)Moochuk Kaatha Vaangi Pona (Dm)ale..

    (D)Pombalaiya Nambi.. Kettuponavanga Romba
    Antha *(Gm)Varisaiyil Naanum..
    Ippa (A) Kadaisiyil Ninnaen..
    (D) Muththedukka Ponaal..
    Un Moochadangum Thannaal..
    Kaathal (Gm)Muththeduththa Pinnal
    Manam (A)Piththamaagum Pennaal..
    Ava (Em)Kaiyavittuthaan (D Poyaachu..
    (G)Kannu Rendumae (D)Poiyaachu..
    (G)Kaathal Enbathu (D)Veen Paechu..
    Manam *(A)Unnalae (Gm) Punnaai (Am) Pochu..

    My chords were way off.
    Can't thank roentgen enough for his time and patience correcting mine.

  3. lohkain04

    lohkain04 New Member

    struming pattern?
  4. rajeshguitar

    rajeshguitar New Member


    I used this, sounded ok to me, try this and let know:

    DUD DDUD UD for the first stanza

    Second stanza (Pombilaiya ..)
    DUD U D (repeated)

    I used the following for the 'Ava Kaiya vittu than ..'

  5. Davmaniac

    Davmaniac New Member

    OMG OMG OMG! Thank you so much! I thought no one would reply me! Thanks thanks thanks!!! :D :D :D
  6. PaViSh

    PaViSh New Member

    I need them pls.........
  7. lohkain04

    lohkain04 New Member

    tq very much sounds gud :)
  8. selvarajvignesh

    selvarajvignesh New Member

    i ve tried what roengton published and it sounded perfect,,,,,even i got the chords from IGT only,,,,thanks

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