REQ: Yeh Kaisa Sahar Hain - movie Paanch - music dir Vishal Bhardwaj

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  1. sonti_in

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    Have anyone of you listened to the songs of the movie Paanch. It was scheduled to release on 2002, but it got into several censor problems, and got shelved. It got some 2-3 good expermiental numbers. Main Khuda is sung by KK who also acts in this film.

    This movie has a song named Yeh Kaisa Sahar Hain sung by Dominique Manuel. It has a catchy tune. Can anyone of you come up with a guitar chord for this song please.

    btw I searched this forum for this song/movie, no results showed up.

  2. sonti_in

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    Hi Guyz,

    Is there no one who has heard this song or got the chords of this song?
  3. jayswami

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    i used to have the cd then i lost it somehow.. there was one song i remember jisme woh log maa behen ek kardete hain.. maybe thats why censor problems arose..
    unfortunately i dont remember the melody for any song.. including main khuda.. which if i remember correctly sounds like a chinese rock song..

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