REQ: Ye Javli ye javali ye! priy sakhaya Bagavanta

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  1. gk123

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    Can someone figure out and post the chords and d strumming pattern for the Ye Javli ye javali ye! priy sakhaya Bagavanta

  2. godblessme

    godblessme New Member

    eh ? hey konte gaane aahe ? first time aiktoy...
  3. gk123

    gk123 Member

    Im Sorry dude! there ws mistake in the req. lyrics, below is the correct lyrics of the song. Song compose by Meena Khadikar, sung by Lata from the movie " Mansala Pankha Astat"

    Pl. give me the chords and if posible the tabs.


    Ye jawali ghe jawali
    Priy sakhaya bhagawanta ...(2)
    Wedhuni maj rahasi ka
    Dur Dur aata ... ||

    Nishi dini ya natuni thatuni
    Bagh nauka jati duruni ...(2)
    Sparshastawa atur mi
    Durlabh tu aata || 1 ||
  4. godblessme

    godblessme New Member

    really i don know this song..sorry :(

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