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  1. drsherry

    drsherry Guitarist [SEER]

    hey guys

    can anyone kindly post the exact chords for


    i need to perform it on acoustic this month in an annual function. Thanks
  2. wiji

    wiji New Member

    The chords are posted below. Go to for the best acoustic cover of the song that I've heard.

    With Or Without You Chords by U2, www.Ultimate-Guitar.Com

    U2, With or Without You.
    Tabbed by Martin Ford,

    With or Without You - U2
    Tabbed by Martin Ford

    Repeat chord pattern throughout the song, bass line same all through, and is also the intro

    D A Bm
    See the stone set in your eyes
    G D
    See the thorn twist in your side
    A Bm G
    I’ll wait for you

    Sleight of hand and twist of fate
    On a bed of nails she makes me wait
    And I’ll wait without you

    With or without you
    With or without you

    Through the storm we reach the shore
    You give it all but I want more
    And I’m waiting for you

    With or without you
    With or without you
    I can’t live with or without you

    Hoo o ooo
    Hoo o ooo
    Hoo o ooo
    With or without you
    With or without you
  3. drsherry

    drsherry Guitarist [SEER]

    thankus domesticus longus

    but any specific chords strum pattern for this song::::

  4. wiji

    wiji New Member

    Strumming Pattern: D DU UDU works very nicely with this song.

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