REQ: Vocal Delay Pedals

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by sDEVs, Aug 9, 2012.

  1. sDEVs

    sDEVs Inventor

    Hey guys,

    Can you give me any info regarding these 2 items: (in Price/Review)

    TC Helicon Voice Tone

    RE20 Space Echo (Boss/Roland)

    Or anything else that can be used to produce a vocal delay on stage...
  2. sDEVs

    sDEVs Inventor

    or BOSS VE-20 Vocal Processor
  3. henrynh

    henrynh New Member

    TC Helicon VoiceTone E1 if you need just the delay. It's discontinued now but you may be able to find some still available at furtados. It will cost 12k.

    If you need more than just delays than you should consider the VoiceTone Create XT, it's around 23.4k at furtados. It's discontinued as well. TC has some new products out, I'm not sure if furtados has them yet but the VoiceLive Play is a good option. It would cost about 21k to import, maybe less, check in with furtados and see if they can get it for around less than 25k.

    The Boss RE20 is a reverb stompbox. It's more suited for guitars than mics. You could use guitar effects for vocals but dedicated vocal units sound better. I never liked the sounds of the Boss VE20, the Helicon stuff sounds clearer & crispier. Digitech has some vocal processors as well, never tried those though. Give those a try as well.
  4. sDEVs

    sDEVs Inventor

    Thanks Henrynh, I'll get back to you...
  5. henrynh

    henrynh New Member

    There is one more the Mic Mechanic by TC that would do the trick as well. I think it is the one that replaced their individual vocal pedal line.

    If you know anyone in USA that could get that Mic Mech or VoiceLive Play for you then now would be a good time since sweetwater has an offer going on where if you buy one of those before 31st August then you can get a Helicon MP5 mic for free which retails at about $169. So you could practically sell the mic for around 10k & get half of the money spent on the pedal back. Unless ofcourse you like the mic then it's a really good deal to jump on if possible. ;)

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