Req: Vellai pookal song with strumming

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  1. sasi_guy

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    Hi all,
    Can someone provide me with the chords and the strumming style of Vellai pookal song in the movie "kannathil muthamittal".

  2. parthasarathy

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    Sasi..i got this from our IGT members..try it and let me know if it works real good..

    Song : Vellai Pookal
    Film : Kannathil Muthamittal
    Composer : A.R.Rahman
    Scale : EM

    Vel lai poo ka l ula gam en gum ma lar ga vae

    E B E
    Vi di yum boo mi amaithik kaga vi di ga vae

    B E
    Mann mel man jal ve lich cham vi zhu ga va e

    B Bsus4 E
    Ma la rae som bal mu ri thu e zhu ga va e

    Ku zhan thai vi zhi kat tu mae

    Tha a yin ka tha ka thap pil

    U la ga m vi di yat tu mae

    Pil lai yin siru mu thal sirip pil


    G#m7 C#sus4
    Kaa trin pae ri saiyum

    G#m7 C#sus4
    Ma zhai paa dum paa dal ga lum
    B D# F# F# F#B F# F# F#G#

    E9 B E
    O ru mou nam pol in bam tha ru moe


    Kodi keerthanam
    Kavi kortha varthaigalum
    Thuli kanneer pol artham tharumoe
  3. j_necromancer

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    this is an absolutely wonderful song!! good work on the chords!!i'm adding to ur rep!!!
  4. parthasarathy

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    Thanks dude..its credited for the one who actually did this song..but may i know what is that were talkin about..
  5. j_necromancer

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    well its the star that u click to give someone reputatuion!!!
  6. picado

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    Great Song!!! But I didnt understand this portion.. is that a TAB???

    B D# F# F# F#B F# F# F#G#
  7. sideee

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    Strumming Pattern


    I am a total beginner! Could you please help me with the stunning pattern for the song. The beginning and the stanza? Please :)
  8. jadoo 007

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    cam u post the strummimg in video..............
  9. mani_aa

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    Can you please help me in gettting guitar chords for the song nattpukkalle oru..from
    the movie chennai 60028.. if you could help me on this it will be wonderful..

    Thnx n bye
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