[Req] uttalakadi pataana kodi 80s song IR

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  1. Seelan

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    i think this song 'uttalakadi patana kod' is by Ilaya Raja ... its also a good guitar song .. can some1 post the chords for this as well ?? IR fans shld like this thread i guess :beer:
  2. arunrx

    arunrx Banned

    Hello Kiddo, u r gonna play this on guitar? Not making fun, but I wonder how u like these type of (old)songs :)

    Just downloaded the song.. not sure if I will hv interest to track chords. However, it sounds like this to me. Try this and tell.

    Written Scale: Dm (Not sure about the original scale, assuming Dm)
    Time signature: 6/8

    machaanai thoda.|C7|C7|C7|Dm|
    Ittaan chitidhu.....|Dm|Dm|C7|C7|
    Suta suthudhu.... |Dm|C|Bb|Am|

    (Seems the stanza shifts to a different scale, will get you the chords after trying with an instrument)
  3. Seelan

    Seelan Soldier Of Fortune

    lol .. yeaahh i like those 70s n 80s stuff ........ :) ... and for the chords , yeah it does sounds like it ... thanks a million man ..
  4. merpion

    merpion New Member

    Help me to download

    Hi all,

    How to download this Uttalakkadi song. Pl. help me.
  5. djadamz

    djadamz New Member

    where the balance chords for chorus
  6. djadamz

    djadamz New Member

    Veru Velai Unakku from movie ma****ai (Feat. SP Balasubramaniam & S Janaki)...anyone can get western note for this

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