REQ: Tum Kehte hoo (250 Points)

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    hi everyone if anyone give me the chords of junaid jumshaid song tum kehte hoo lyrics for the song is

    tum kehte hoo maire khut mujhe ko
    wapas kar doo wapas kar doo
    batein shamain
    khuhbo yadain
    sari batain
    tum kehte hoo
    wapas kar doo

    give me the correct chords of this song and i will give u 250 Points for the song and its a must listen song lyrics is very touchy listen to it and u will know rest about that ok send chords if u can tab it tc Allah Hafiz
  2. Loser--

    Loser-- New Member

    they r rather easy chords or maybe i havent got them right but they seem ok to me

    tum kehti ho

    Mere khat mujh ko

    wapas kar do

    wapas kar do

    and the whole song is in this progression

    For the antra...the sequence is changed
    i dont remember the lyrics but it goes like thsi

    First sentence

    second sentence

    Third sentence

    fourth sentence

    and then the song goes back to D D G C

    check and tell

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