REQ: Tum ho toh solo in Sinbad The Sailor

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  1. chirag45

    chirag45 New Member

    can anyone plz get me d tabs of d solo played at d very end of sinbad d sailor ?
    dis solo is played when dey almost finish playin tum ho toh in sinbad d sailor >.<

    i really need it before monday
    i tried tabbing it myself but was unsuccessful

    any help would b greatly appreciated.
  2. chirag45

    chirag45 New Member

    58 views n 0 replies
    wow @_@

    i thought many of u would hv already tabbed dis one @_@
  3. chirag45

    chirag45 New Member

    110 views n still no replies
    weirdly wow @_@
  4. rajen

    rajen New Member

    Lol i'm looking for the same - have searched everywhere. I'm currently trying to tab it myself but it gets pretty tricky towards the end! If anyone has already tabbed this please help?! Thanku
  5. chirag45

    chirag45 New Member

    yeah :|
    d last part is way too tricky >.<
  6. demoniac

    demoniac New Member

    here im am!!!

    i made this...n i think these are correct im playing them frm a long time!! cheers!!

    tum ho toh(c) gaata hai dil(g)
    tum nahi (d) toh geet kaha (a#)
    tum ho toh(c)
    hai sab haasil (g)
    tum nahi (d)
    toh kya hai samaa(a#)
    tum(f) ho toh hai (c)
    sapno(g) ke jaisa haseen(em)
    yeh samaa(c)

    jo tum(d) ho to
    ye lagta (d) hai
    k mil (c) gayi
    har(g) khushi...


    tum(d) ko hai maangti(d)

    yeh zindagi(e)..eeeee(g).....(c).....(g)
  7. harry7611

    harry7611 New Member

    hi all am a new joinee needs guitar chords for few old songs
  8. harry7611

    harry7611 New Member

    hi demoniac do u have more chords with rock on
  9. chirag45

    chirag45 New Member

    @demoniac... lol thnx but we already have the correct chords...what we are looking for is the solo played at d end of sinbad d sailor while dey r singin tum ho toh o.o
  10. demoniac

    demoniac New Member

    yeah...i have chrdz for evry song of rock on!!

    want ne?

    sry chirag, evn i dnt knw the solo!!

    but i can make it out...i wil post it soon!!

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