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  1. abhimanjrekar

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    hey bhidu logs,give me chords for song TU MILE DIL KHILE from movie criminal..jaldi waitin :p: :aggre: :dance:
  2. Cool Kish

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    Hey I paly it with Am , F , C , G . it sounds good .
    I dont know the scale but I just figured it out while playing .
    If its the right one plzzzz let me know .
    I am just a begineer .
  3. maaomaa

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    Tu Hi Meri Hai Sari Zameen
    C Am

    Chahe Kahinse Chaloon Tujhpe Hi Aake Rukoon
    F C

    Tere Siva Mein Jaon Kahaan
    C Am

    Koi Bhi Raha Chunu Tujhpe Hi Aake Rukoon
    F C

    Tum Mile To Lamhein Tham Gaye
    C F

    Tum mile to saare Gham Gaye
    C G

    Tum Mile To Muskurana Aa Gaya
    F G G C

    Music part: C ; Am ; G ; Dm
    C ; Am ; G ; Am

    Tujhme Kinara Dikhe
    C Am

    Dil Ko Sahara Dikhe
    C Am

    Aa Meri Dhadkan Tham Le
    Dm Am C

    Teri Taraf Hi Mude
    C Am

    Ye Saans Tujse Jude
    C Am

    Har pal Ye Tera Namm le
    Dm Am C........................

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