Req: Tu Jahaan From Saalam Namaste Tabs or Chords of this Song

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  1. AgentRAK007

    AgentRAK007 Guitar God!

    Anyone know the tabs or chords of this song?
  2. mili30

    mili30 New Member

    notation for guitar

    hey there somebody. i am learing the guitar. can i plz have notation for song zara zara from rhtdm. th emain thing is that i am in usa so. can u plz give notation according to usa music. what i mean is that i don't understand how to play sa re ga ma . i understand how to plz a b c d e f g
  3. atreyb

    atreyb New Member

    Tu Jahaan

    Try the following combi for chords:

    G min C E

    Bm F

    The exact chords and rythm can be worked out while you play the song alongwith the chords.
  4. AgentRAK007

    AgentRAK007 Guitar God!

    Thanks a bunch!

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