REQ to complete the songs lyrics - Junoon - Zamane ke andaz badley gaye

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  1. rsumit

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    Hi ,
    This is the most I can get out of the song by listening to it.( Pardon me for my spell mistake, not very good in writing hindi/urdu words in English).

    Can anyone help me with the remaining words and the meanings of the word listed at the end ....... pleaaaaaaaaaaaaasseeeeeeeeeee... :eek:

    If you require the song(mp3) let me know

    Zamane key aandaz badley gaye
    Naya raag hey saaz badley gaye

    ._______ ko gulami se aazaad kar
    Jawano ko piro ka ustaad kar

    Jigar se wahi teer phir paar kar
    Tamana ko sino mey bedaar kar

    Jawano ko sozey jigar baksh de
    Mera husn meri nazaar baksh de

    Pila de mujhe woh mey __________
    Ki aati nahi fasle gul roz roz

    woh mey jissey roshan zameer-e-hayat
    woh mey jissey hey masti-e-qayanat

    Zamane key aandaz .......


    Piro -
    bedaar -
    sozey -
    zameer-e-hayat -
    masti-e-qayanat -
    And the two words that I was not able to decipher from the songs.

  2. slash

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    interesting words...sry dunnu urdu...:eek:
  3. Taj

    Taj New Member

    welcome sumit, i'll try my best,

    it's "khudi" in the first blank

    Piro - it's frome Peer which u can say a religiouse sort of a person who studies his religion deeply, an instructor or a person who guides.

    bedaar - bedaar is a feeling, i think it means to bury your feeling(s) of anxiety.

    sozey - it's "sozey jigar" basically which means an open heart or u can say bada dil !

    zameer-e-hayat - zameer is basically a feeling to but that is your internal feeling u can compare it with your introvert feeling !
    the whole word means to keep alive your internal feeling.

    masti-e-qayanat - "qayanat" means the whole universe

    well i tried my best , hope u get em'
  4. fizaaaa

    fizaaaa New Member

    The lyrics are by Allama Iqbal - indeed very famous

    Zamane ke andaz budley gaey, naya raag heh, saaz budley gaey
    Khirad ko ghulami sey azad kur.
    Jawanon ko piron ka ustaad kur

    The ways of the world have changed, the tune is new, the instruments have changed.
    Free the intellect from the shackles of ignorance,
    Make the young, teachers of the old

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