req : 'Thendralai kandu kolla maaney' from 'Nilave Mugam Kaattu'

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  1. pearlmaharajan

    pearlmaharajan New Member

    Dear Experts,

    can some1 help with the chords for the song 'thendralai kandu kolla maaney... kangalin thevai enna theney..' from the movie 'Nilave Mugam Kattu' by the Maestro..

    very pleasant and slow beautiful song...

    somebody please help me with this song.. and below is the youtube link... for those who missed such a good song...

    Thendralai kandu :Nilave mugam kattu - YouTube
  2. pearlmaharajan

    pearlmaharajan New Member

    somebody... help me with the chords for this song... a great... song... that failed to grab attention...

    thanks in advance
  3. Guitarsen

    Guitarsen New Member

    My Version:

    (Dm)thendRalai kaNdukkoLLa (Gm)maanae
    (Dm)kaNgalin (A)thaevai enna (Dm)thaenae
    (Dm)uLLaththil(Dm)paarvai uNdu (Gm)maanae
    (Dm)uNmaigal (A)kaNdu sollum (Dm)thaenae
    (Dm)nenjin vaNNangalai Odum
    (Dm)eNNangaLai kaaNa kaN(A7)
    vaeNdumaa paesach chol(Gm)vaendumaa
    malar (Faug)pooththadhai (Gm7)vaasangaL (A7)sollumae (A)

    unnai(Dm) paarththoru(A7)
    kuyil(Am7) koovudhae(Dm)
    andhak (Gm)kaadhal (Dm)thaen kural (Am7)kaettaayaa (Dm)
    unnai(Dm) paarththoru(A7) maegam (Am7)thoovudhae(Dm)
    eera (Gm)kaaththu kaadhal (Dm)sollak kaNdaayaa(Dm)
    (Am7)unnai naan eNNugindRa (F)naeram
    uLLukkuL(A7) maargazhi (A)maadham
    (Am7)anbae naan unnai kaaNum (F)naeram
    kaNNukkuL(A7) kaarthigai (A)dheebam
    (Dm)kaNgal indRi (A7)ennai kaNdukkoLvaai
    (A)endRu nee en kaadhal kaNdukkoLvaai
    (Dm)andha naaL (AM7)endha naaL(Gm7) endRu nee sollu (A)

    Friends pls validate.
  4. pearlmaharajan

    pearlmaharajan New Member

    thanks Senthilnaa.... will try today and let you know...
  5. Guitarsen

    Guitarsen New Member

    Pearl, From 96 to 2001 (until Harris and YSR) TFM was occupied by ARR, Deva, SAR , Sirpy etc. Other than ARR, all other's compositions were run of the mill. IR's work was ignored in this period, with very few exception like kadhalukku mariyadhai and couple of other movies.

    I liked this song when came, didn't care to listen again until yesterday. Quiet unusual style of IR, Melody is in IR style, orchestration is in ARR style. Bass lines is like Mustafa Mustafa and Drums in charanam is like ennai kaana villaiye netrodu. Could be Karthik Raja's idea.

    In my opinion, all IR-Hariharan songs are good.
  6. rajeshguitar

    rajeshguitar New Member

    Hi Senthil,

    I tried the chords, very nice.
    Can you please help me verify / confirm if the Am7 in the first 4 lines of Charanam sound perfect to you?

  7. Guitarsen

    Guitarsen New Member

    Hi Rajesh,

    unnai(Dm) paarththoru(A7)
    kuyil(Am) koovudhae(Dm)

    for the second line Am sound sounds better than Am7, for the other lines Am7 sounds good.
  8. rajeshguitar

    rajeshguitar New Member

    Thanks for verifying Senthil. Can you please try this and tell me if it sounds good?
    unnai(Dm) paarththoru(A7) kuyil(Faug) koovudhae(Dm)
  9. Guitarsen

    Guitarsen New Member

    Vidunga Rajesh, let Pearl take Am or Dm or Faug or whatever he likes for kuyil. I have posted a challenging song varudhu varudhu ilam kaatru. Pls try.
  10. rajeshguitar

    rajeshguitar New Member

    No problem. I tried the chords, Senthil sound very good.
  11. pearlmaharajan

    pearlmaharajan New Member

    yov... neenga ellaam periya manushanungala... onnu solli tharumbothey... rightaa sollunga... jus kidding...
    for me guitar is a music instrument.. It has control on me... I will never have mine on it... so whichever is matching I will them.. I will not go deep for the analysis... :) sometimes toomuch of knowledge is also a problem


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