req. tabs of song teri yaadein of the tv serial love strory-by anurag basu

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  1. swaraj

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    can any one pls submil the tabs of the son teri yaadein . which comes in tv serial love story . on sab tv pls. pls pls. sub mit the tabs
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    yaar i dunno d osng... don't watch serials... by the way same name..!!
    i'm Swaraj too
  3. prateek420

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  4. soumax

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    ya i need it too

    plz sum1....
  5. rockord

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  6. mama

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    hi i want the lyrics of all the songs played in the serial Love Story.Because i love the serial very much.and i also want some pictures of the serial.plz send this in my e.mail.
  7. parasdua

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    G Em7 Cadd9
    e ------3--------------3-------3-------------3----------3-------------3

    B ------3---------3----3-------3---------3---3----------3---------3--3

    G ------0------0---------------0------0-----------------0------0------

    D ---------------------------------------------------------------------

    A --------------------------------------------------3-------3----------

    E --3------3---------------0-------0-----------------------------------

    e -----3------------2---2p3

    B -----3--------3---3---3-

    G -----2-----2------------

    D --0-----0---------------

    A ------------------------

    E ------------------------
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