REQ: tabs of " o o jane jana" from Pyar kiya tou darna kya

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  1. manu_munir

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    i was trying to find tabs of an old song ... i want the solo part in the beginning the "o o jane jana" from the film pyar kiya tou darna kya...
    if anyone can tell me the tabs of that song ... i will really apprecite it...
  2. Subhro

    Subhro Argentina lost :"(

    hi manu..

    i think i postd them b4.. thr might be some more postd by othrs too.. search the forum & find the one tht suits u best..
    nyways postin them again..

    Intro for O O Jane Jana (Pyar Kiya to Darna Kiya)

    E |-----------0-----0-----|-------------------------|
    B |---------------3---1---|---1h3-3-1---0-----------|
    G |---0h2-2-2-------------|-----------2---0h2-2p0---|
    D |-----------------------|-------------------------|
    A |-----------------------|-------------------------|
    E |-----------------------|-------------------------|
    E |------------------|-----------0-----0-------------|
    B |-------0-0-0--0---|---------------3---1-3-0-1-----|
    G |---0-0------------|---0h2-2-2-----------------2---|
    D |------------------|-------------------------------|
    A |------------------|-------------------------------|
    E |------------------|-------------------------------|

    if u don find this good enugh search the forums.. ther must be some more too.. hav fun.
  3. ramizraja1986

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    hey tht does'nt wrk dude... !
  4. r0hit

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