REQ: tabs of DIL NE DIL KO (kaho na payar hai)

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  1. neo_usafz

    neo_usafz New Member

    hey hi everyone!
    i need tabs of song "dil ne dil ko" frum movie "kaho na payar hai"
    if ne one have plz post em :please: :band:
  2. neo_usafz

    neo_usafz New Member

    hey plz help me yaar
    if ne one have ; gime plz
  3. rubz

    rubz New Member

    hey .. i have one but i dont think it sounds very good and i dont really have the full version but let me just post it here .. see if you like it ... ok?
    alright .. here goes:

    Dil ne dil ko pukaara
    Lo main aaya,
    milne dubara

    alright ... thats all i have got ... hope you like it ... btw i open for any suggestions .. :)

    -rubini ;)
  4. neo_usafz

    neo_usafz New Member

    hey thx let me try how it sounds
  5. Rana023

    Rana023 New Member

    Heyy.....watsup u name is Masud and i'm a great fan of music, especially hindi music......i got a talent and dat is i can play any song in any instrument.....yes u got it, dat means i can even play da song u want.....even from kahonapyarhai....add me at and i will give u da song u want, which i wrote myself....take care u guys ttyl byee
  6. distinctone2002

    distinctone2002 New Member

    Thanks Rubini

    Thanks Rubini


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