req.- tabs of ''dil haaray pukaaray'' by Jal the band.

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    hi people. plz post the complete tabs of ''dil haaray pukaaray'' by JAL the band including all riffs.

    there are 5 levels of guitar players- 1.beginner 2.novice 3.frontline 4.professional 5.ace

    u are an ACE guitarist IF-

    1. if u can play the ''rasguedo technique'' both forwards n backwards
    2. if u can play 3rd degree cross cadences in both majors n minors.
    3. if u know at least 12 ways of playing the a minor chord.
    4. if u can play the left handed guitar with ur right hand??
    5. if u know the bavarian, anglo-indian, persian and singhalese scales and can formulate the ''dutch enigma'' guitar technique from each of these.
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