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    i found a couple of websites that carry tabs/notes for indian songs. here's my question- when i looked at the tabs/notes- these basically start with the mukhda, go to antra and so on. how do i get the music inbetween paragraphs- or for that matter music that's at the start of a song?

    I am looking for complete tabs for the following numbers-

    Rog- maine dil se kahaa dhoondh lana khushi
    Kasak- jana hai jana hai (lucky ali)
    Jism- awarapan banjarapan
    Phir milenge- jeene ke ishaare mil gaye
    Murder- zindagi iss tarah lagne lagi
    Kalyug- jiya dhadak dhadak
    Piya basanti re, kahe sataaye (non-film album)

    Do you know the complete notes for these songs- from start to end- not just the paragraphs?

    Thank you so much.
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    try searching here!!!...most of ur songs already here

    by u mean tabs??
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    can you post me the web site i will be very greatfull and i can solve your problem send it to my e mail id if u want

    thanks have fun
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    two links

    here are the two links that i've found.

    i found couple of numbers here at the forum but again they are either incomplete or just have tabs (yes i used the word note for tab) for the parts of the songs that has words- not for the rest of the music thats at the start and end of the song, or for that matter inbetween paragraphs. if you find the complete composition for any of the numbers that im looking for, plz post the link here. thanks

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