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  1. Arindam Dey

    Arindam Dey New Member

    This is my first request to all the great guitarists who are in this community to help each other. So i hope i wont be disappointed.

    Please guys help me out with the tabs of "Tum mile- rock version", from the movie "Tum mile".
    I figured out the chords but cud not do with the tabs,,,,,,,please anyone post the tabs in G major scale.
    Thanks in advance......
  2. Arindam Dey

    Arindam Dey New Member

    Tum mile-rock version tabs

    Does no one knows ,,,,,,,the tabs for tum mile-rock version.......
    I am in need of the tabs badly.........pls anyone help..
  3. ArindamSarkar

    ArindamSarkar New Member

  4. Arindam Dey

    Arindam Dey New Member

    Thank you,,,,,,for atleast reading ma request,,,,,and making time to reply.....
    Actually ,,,i m new to this community and do not know much.....
    Thanks again,,,,,and if you code the tabs,,,,then pls post it......
    Hope ,,,,to get more replies....
  5. ag3nthunt

    ag3nthunt New Member

    HIIIIIIIII dere ........... help chahiye........ :)
    CAn u send me the intro tabs of the song Sainya Ve from the flim JAIL
    and the chords also............
    send in
  6. Arindam Dey

    Arindam Dey New Member

    hello is there anyone to help,,,,,,,,,,,
    Can any one give me the tabs,,,,,,,of tum mile rock version
    pls help,,,,,,,,,
    searching from a long time.........
    need it badly,,,,,,,,,pls dont ignore.......
  7. kpcoolviper

    kpcoolviper New Member

    Tum Mile Accurate Tabs!!

    Find Tum Mile Accurate tabs here:
  8. Arindam Dey

    Arindam Dey New Member

    Thanks for replying,,,,
    But sorry to say that i could find nothing,,,,
    I would be very grateful if you could give the site more precisely.......
    Thanks in advance!!!!
  9. stroke volume

    stroke volume New Member

    even i cud find nothin
  10. hsachdeva

    hsachdeva New Member

    even i need the chords
  11. karan_nagi

    karan_nagi New Member


    C G
    Tu hi meri hai sari zameen
    F G
    Chahe kahin se chalun
    F C
    Tujh pe hi aa ke rukun
    C G
    Tere siva maun jaun kahan
    F G
    Koi bhi raah chunu
    F vC
    Tujh pe hi aa ke rukun

    C G
    Tum mile to lamhein tham gaye
    C Em
    Tum mile to sare gum gaye
    F G C
    Tum mile to muskurana aa gaya

    C G
    Tum mile to jadoo chaa gaya
    C Em
    Tum mile to jeena aa gaya
    F G C
    Tum mile to mene paya hai khuda

    Tujh mein kirana dikhe
    Dil ko sahara dikhe
    F C
    Aa mere dhadkan tham le

    Teri taraf hi mude
    Yeh saas tujhse jude
    F C
    Har pal yeh tera naam le

    Rest chords are same i guess.,!!
    do reply.,!!

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