REQ: tabs for pretty boy by m2m required

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  1. monica

    monica New Member

    hey cud anyone plz send the tabs or notes for 'pretty boy' by m2m
    i tried searching on google ..but it dint help:(
  2. ssslayer

    ssslayer Banned

    m2m? which band
  3. monica

    monica New Member

    hi sslayer
    im not sure which band that is
    i have never heard anyother song of that band
    only this one
    and liked it a lot
    here is a link to the animated version of that song........if u cud plz hear that and try figuring out the notes
    it wud do me a very big favour!!
  4. monica

    monica New Member

    hi people
    anyone help
    i really want the tabs for this song
  5. bjr

    bjr Lady of the Evening

    I'll try tomorrow...i promise
  6. vini

    vini Repeat Offender

    [b] pasted from [/b]
    *as for the intro and the verses all chords 
     are plucked as follows
    * "G's" are played as *0*
    ->INTRO Cadd9...Cadd9... Am... *G*...
     Cadd9	             Cadd9...
     I lie awake at night
     Am		             Am...
     See things in black and white
     F                     G
     I've only got you inside my mind
     Dm		      *G*
     You know you have made me blind
     Cadd9                  Cadd9...
     I lie awake and pray
     Am			  Am...
     That you will look my way
     F		        G 
     I have all this longing inside my heart
     Dm		             *G* G*
     I knew it right from the start
     *play half of the *G* 
      -listen to the cd 
            Cadd9                  G
     Oh my pretty pretty boy I love you
     Like I never ever loved no one before you
        F                 C
     Pretty pretty boy of mine
     	           Dm        G
     Just tell me you love me too
     Oh my pretty pretty boy
     I need you
            Am               Am7/G
     Oh my pretty pretty boy I do
     Let me inside
      Am7        Dm    G...       
     Make me stay right beside you
     Cadd9			Cadd9...
     I used to write your name
     Am		    Am...
     And put it in a frame
     F                           G
     And sometime I think I hear you call
     Dm                  *G*
     Right from my bedroom wall
     Cadd9               Cadd9...
     You stay a little while
     Am			   Am...
     And touch me with your smile
     F                        G
     And what can I say to make you mine
     Dm                    *G* G*
     To reach out for you in time
      *for the bridge i have my own version
       of it but it doesnt sound as good as
       marit's... well im still tryin to fix it.
     Oh pretty boy
     Say you love me too
    --> END 
    monica does all this sound ok to u??

    hey..btw its a beautiful song..thanx ur link made me listen to it..its really nice and serene :grin:
  7. monica

    monica New Member

    hey vini!!
    thanks a lot for the chords
    but i want the tabs.....i mean the exact notes
    if u could ..plz help me

    Anyway Thank you once again
  8. bjr

    bjr Lady of the Evening

    I didn't try since I thought you got what you needed...I'll try tonight.
  9. bjr

    bjr Lady of the Evening

    These are the first four lines...I'm off for an x-ray, will do the rest later.

    Edit: fixed it a bit. Lovely song btw.

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