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  1. hey where r the tabs for the song maan ki lagaan from the film paap. :nw: :think: no one has been able to tab such a beautiful song????????/ :shutup: WHAT A SHAME!!!!!!!!!! :mad:
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    Guitarist, this is a 'request' forum. Be civil and you can expect a response.

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  4. i cant play chords can u plzzzzzzzzzzzzz tab the song. i dont have time as exam start next week so could u plzzzzzzzzzzz help thnx
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    i've did this work but dont remember right now. right now i dont have my guitar so sorry. post u soon the tabs 4 dat song.
  6. urmilus

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    try this

    he try this, i made this some time back n right now dont have guitar. i have doubt about the last line it can b 4 5 or 5 4 i really dont remember but try n tell me if u like dat.

    e ---------------------------------------------
    B 5-5-55-55-55--555-55-----------55-----------
    G -------------------------5/7-7--77-------------

    lagi tum se man ki lagan, lagan lagi tum se man ki lagan

    e ----------------------------4--5-4
    B 5-7--8-7--5-7-----7-8--8------

    gali gali ghume, ye dil tuze dhundhe

    e 4-5---8-8-88
    B ----8-------

    tere bin tarse nayan
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    that was some kinda cool man.. good work...


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