Req: tabs for jab koi baat bigad jaayei

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  1. chatty_arko

    chatty_arko New Member

    plzz can ne1 post d tabs for jab koi baat bigad jaayei searchd for it bt i found only d chords n nt d tabs
    plz can ne 1 attach d song
  2. montybindra

    montybindra New Member

    I think that there are many places where it need improvements.
    See if u can do any good then please mail me and also tell me.

    Jab Koi Baat Bi-gad Ja-ey Jab Koi Mush-kil Pad Ja-ye

    Tu-ma De-na Sa-th Me-ra O Hum Na-ma Na Ko-ie Hai Na Ko-ie Tha

    Zin-da-gi-me Tum-ha-re Si-wa Tu-ma De-na Sa-th Me-ra O Hum Na-ma
  3. viraniparvez

    viraniparvez New Member

    Hi all
    can some one pls help me in TABS ( ONLY )- of JAB KOI BAAT - movie JURUM i want to play it for my wedding ann , pls help me
  4. Ashlin

    Ashlin New Member

    jab koi baat Bi-gar---ja-eh jab ko - i mush kil par

    Tum saat me.ra o hum na ma Na Koi hai na ko i tha

    a------------------------------2---2----------------------2--0--0--2 mein tumhare si wa tum sat mera o hum
  5. punkcool

    punkcool New Member

    nice tabs bro plz tell me strumming pattern of this song
  6. cricket_sam

    cricket_sam New Member

    really gd tabs man....jus gotta spend some time to memorize them lolz...

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