Req-tabs for enna solla poogirai

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    BASH LULU New Member

    hello all.. some body post the tabs for this lovely song... "enna solla pogiraai"
  2. rr4303

    rr4303 New Member

    chord r lead

    BASH LULU New Member

    lead gi...
  4. SATHYA167

    SATHYA167 New Member

    No doubt the song is too good. It has to be due to ARR + Shankar Mahadevan (SM) combination.

    This duo can do wonders whenever they join……

    The song is difficult in guitar for two reasons:
    1. SM’s way of singing – Moving between middle and high octaves frequently & also making high jumps within an octave
    2. More gamakam (semi-tone) oriented song – it is difficult to play several words due to multiple notes

    I also get the following variation. This duo can experiment such variations and is capable of doing.

    The melody goes by and large in Keeravani raga notes, which is a minor scale raga.

    But the song is in E Major – that is what I could get…………

    You can try chords (if someone can post) – I do not see too much chords – only 4 or 5

    You can try the song in the following tab positions (in High E – thinner most string)
    E—0—2—3—5—7—8—11—12—14--------------------------E (Keeravani in E string – Please note down)

    The song starts like “Ellai Endru Solla” ……….. E---0—3-----0—5-----5—5----------E

    Hope this is clear………………………. Sathya

    BASH LULU New Member

    wow!! how soft to hear... bt how hard to play.. evlo matter iruku indha paatula..

    BASH LULU New Member

    thank you satya na..

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