Req: tabs/chords "poovukellam siragu" film uyirodu uyiraga

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  1. sasi_guy

    sasi_guy New Member

    Hello all,
    "Poovukellam sirugu muzhaithathu", this is one gem of a song .. from the movie Uyirodu uyiraga, Can anyone get me the chords and tabs for this.
    Looking forward for a reply.
  2. vignesh90

    vignesh90 New Member

    here you go!!!

    poovukellam siragumulaithadu endhan thottathil
    emaj emaj

    vinmeenellam nilavai kasindhadhu endhan vaanathil
    emaj emaj
    mupadhunaalum mugurthamaanadhu endhan maadhathil
    amaj bmaj
    pullil kuda panithili kasindhadhu endhan na na na(don rem the lyrics)
    amaj bamj(same as the previous line)

    edhu eppadi eppadi nyayam ellam kaadal seida maayam
    c#min cmaj
    and it goes the same !!!..
  3. I_Me_&_Guitar

    I_Me_&_Guitar New Member

    hi sasi..
    i guess so from ur user name... please let me know if u get the lead tabs of the song u requested... true.. thats one gem of all songs i have ever heard.. but vignesh has sent the backing notes i need the lead notes to play the song..and please if u could get me the tabs for the song june ponal from unalae unalae pls.
  4. baluwins

    baluwins New Member

    Hi all,

    Me too need to guitar tabs for the songs Nenjukul peithudum and Poovukellam siragu mulaithathu... Can any do the favour for me?

  5. vasanthsastri

    vasanthsastri New Member

    Can anyone please help me with carnatic notes??
  6. Priya JB

    Priya JB New Member

    hi guys... can anybody help me find the tabs 4 the song ' poovukkelam siragu ' ... specially the intro part... me searching everywhere possible but havn't come across yet.... if any1 knows bout it jus lemme kno... thanks in advance
  7. GuitarKnight

    GuitarKnight New Member

    Hi All,
    Please anyone help us by providing the tabs for the intro part.

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