REQ: Tabs & chords of EHSAAN(Dil kabaddi)

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  1. Rajat8686

    Rajat8686 New Member

    Can anyone please provide me the Chords & Tabs of the song
    "EHSAAN" from the movie Dil Kabaddi !!
  2. jaad007

    jaad007 New Member

    Please sum1 provide tabs & chords for Ehsaan itna sa kar de with da intro as soon as possible ..Thank you
  3. raj_lead_master

    raj_lead_master New Member

    i also need them buddies !!!
  4. neal_killer

    neal_killer New Member

    here is ehsaan from movie dil kabaddi


    ------------------------------------------------------------- (X 2)

    Ehsaan Itna sa Kar de
    (Dm) (C) (Dm)

    Mujhe fir tanha sa kar de
    (Dm) (F) (C)

    Tere binaaaa main jee na sakunga
    (Dm) (A#) (C)

    Milke ye tujhsee keh na sakunga
    (Dm) (A#) (Dm) (C)

    ---------------------------------------- (X 2)

    Tera mera ye naata jyun toota
    (Dm) (F) (C) (Dm)

    Tera mera ye pyaar kyun rootha
    (Dm) (F) (C) (Dm)

    Aadhi Baatein Adhoori raatein reh gaye
    (Dm) (A#) (Dm)

    tere binaaaaaaaaaaa
    (Dm) (C) (A#)

    Tanhaiyaan seh na sakoonga
    (Dm) (C)

    tere binaa jee na sakoonga
    (Dm) (A#) (C)

    Repeat first line
  5. Rajat8686

    Rajat8686 New Member

    Thanx a lot man...

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