req:tab for mizraab's kitni sadiyaan

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  1. adeelsiddiqui

    adeelsiddiqui New Member

    hello guys there,
    how u ppl doin?must b goin good.keep it that way :)
    listen guys i need tabs for mizraab's kitni sadiyaan.
    i hope u guys will help me out.
  2. haid302

    haid302 New Member

    Damn, that's a good song. I am amazed by the powerfull vocals of faraz anwar. He is a true musician. oh, yeah.. I don't know the tabs, but would love to get them myself..
  3. humanflux

    humanflux New Member

    Mizrraab kitni sadiyan

    i treid to figure it out.. it goes summin' like this

    D C G D
    kitni sadiyan na jane khamooshi se bhi guzarti nahin

    G C D G
    waqt ke behte dariya mein jabtak saans rahay tu hai meri

    the rest is arpeggios of the same chords which u can figure out... and the solo i'm trying to work out but it sounds hard..
  4. haid302

    haid302 New Member

    Yeah, sounds about right.. Thanx man :)
  5. zishanhaider

    zishanhaider New Member

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