REQ: Strumming Pattern to a TABLA beat

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  1. Hello_World

    Hello_World New Member

    Hello All,

    There is a song that I like but unfortunately it is not an Indian Song.
    I have played the song with tabla before and it is in "DADRA TAL" 6 beats. Someone with tabla experience in this forum might recognize it. I have heard a lot of indian songs with this pattern before but unfortunately can't name any.

    it goes like this:


    each word is a beat (6 beats toal and it is in proper tabla lingo)
    and whole pattern repeats for the duration of the song.

    I was wondering if anyone could help me come up with a strumming pattern
    for this song in proper guitar lingo (ie down up etc where the gaps are etc)

    and some chords that this pattern will sound good in. Any cords at this point is ok with me. I just want to get the pattern right. The song by the way is a fast dance tune.
  2. Bandbaaja

    Bandbaaja Pronounced Band Baaaa Ja

    1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 -
    D - - - D - U - D - U -

    this can be used for 6/8 rhythms
    songs like
    Govinda Aaala Re
    Mach Gaya Shor
    Dekha Na Hai Re Sochana
    and the likes
  3. Hello_World

    Hello_World New Member

    Thanks Bandbaaja.. I finally got the pattern.. I started strumming with just open strings.. Then moved to Em...

    Any suggestions on what chords I got use to strumm this pattern with That will sound nice.
  4. Bandbaaja

    Bandbaaja Pronounced Band Baaaa Ja

    hello world??
    There aren't any specific chord patterns for types of strumming!!
    As fas as I know.

    you can try the typical Goa songs strumming like

    G - C - D - D7
  5. Hello_World

    Hello_World New Member

    Thanks again Bandbaaja....

    What did you mean by "hello_world??"...

    if you have a real player you can listen to the song I am trying to learn...

    Only if you have the time... ;)


    in the field "Search for song or singer:" type "Jama" and click on search.

    a list will be displayed. Choose the "Play" option for the first song.

    I am the begining stages of guitar learning so I really can't tell what guitar cords will go well with a particular song.

  6. Bandbaaja

    Bandbaaja Pronounced Band Baaaa Ja

    thats the only name i know you by isnt it?
    and if youre referring to the question marks?
    it was because i didnt get youre question about choosing particular chords for a particular strumming pattern
    sorry if you got me wrong

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