REQ: Strumming pattern for "Love me do"

Discussion in 'English Guitar Tabs - Submit or Request' started by sushant_3k, Oct 21, 2004.

  1. sushant_3k

    sushant_3k New Member

    can somebody pls. give the strumming pattern for the song "Love me do" by beatles?

  2. JUDAS_666

    JUDAS_666 New Member


    well, playing by reading the strumming pattterns won't help you
    as a good guitar/bass player. instead, try to figure out rhythm with
    your ear or switch on to ear training exercises.
    tips: to hear the rhythm well set the equalizer setting of any media
    player(if u have winamp it will be good) to the extreme-full trable(for
    identifying chords) or full bass(for the bass lines). rest, your job
  3. sushant_3k

    sushant_3k New Member

    Thanx for the suggestion

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