REQ: Songs using 9ths, Suspended and Augmented

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  1. kordz_player

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    Dear Friends,

    I need to practise some advanced chords so I need atleast one song (HINDI SONG) for each chord. That is I want one songs where C9 is used, one song where G9 is used, another song where CSus is used and so on.

    I know there is so many advanced chords. Even if I learn the position of the chord, afterwards I will forget. So I wish to play a song where a particular chord is used.

    I hope if anyone of you properly respond to this post, then it could be a very useful stuff for anyguitar player who wish to learn these chords and play as well.

  2. satan_4_infinit

    satan_4_infinit New Member

    all of i can think about right now is lukka chuppi..check out the chords by djcrunkmix...they r real cool...Add9..Asus2..Badd11 ..
  3. kordz_player

    kordz_player New Member

    I didnt get the song

    Friend I didnt get the song actually. Please tell me in detail.

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