REQ: socha na tha .. please ITs challenge

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    to all Guitarist
    yaar i want to play this song .. actualy .. its challenge for me to sing this song .. i dont know its chord unfornatly .. so u guys help me out .. please its realy urgent ...... please its chorddssss please please
    Thanks in Advance
    love u guys help me out please :help: ;)
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    Socha Na Tha Chords

    Song - Socha Na Tha
    Singers - Sandesh Shandilya, Sadhna Sargam
    Music - Sandesh Shandilya
    Movie - Socha Na Tha
    Key - A Major
    Chords - DJMistryMan

    A A D
    Kabhi Dil Ke Kareeb
    A A D
    Tumhe Mere Naseeb
    D Bm A
    Yun Layenge..Socha Na Tha

    A A D
    Ek Chahat Ka Pal
    A A D
    Sab Sawaloon Ka Hal
    D Bm A
    Yun Paayenge..Socha Na Tha

    I have to rush for now but will try and complete it as soon as i can. Atleast check it out and let me know if its in the right key.

    Thanks to amit82cse lessons in the tips section about figuring out scales/chords. Its an easy strumming pattern. Play with the song and you will get it.

    All the formatiing may be off but play with the song to get it.
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    doesnt seem to be rite!!! sorry bro

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