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  1. tanmoy

    tanmoy New Member

    attn: all shilajeet lovers.
    This is a thread for discussing and sharing shilajeet songs.
    please give the lyrics and chords of shilajeet songs ,which you have.

    :think: :think: :think:
  2. duranta_de

    duranta_de New Member

    I have only one that i try to play
    C Dm
    Jani na e path kobe holo thik suru
    jani na e poth kobe hobe thik sesh
    jani na kobe je furobe e bacha kena
    jani na kobe je furobe sopono resh

    C Dm
    (Sudhu) jani ami jani tumi chile tai sobi chilo
    F C Dm F Dm
    elomelo tobuo to kete galo din gulo'
    Dm F
    e jibon poth chola kaandh chuye chuye
    Dm F
    hariye chi sob kichu somoy asomoy fire
    F E C
    poth chola tobu hoy ni furono

    janina simana perote parbo kina
    aar simana periye jaboi ba kothay
    dariye royechi mrittur mukho mukhi
    aaj ba kal nitei hobe biday

    (sudhu) jani sudhu jani tumi chile tai aajo achi
    beporoa e jibone khelechi je kana machi
    eee jibon poth chola kaand chuye chuye
    preiye chi koto kichui asomoy somoy fire
    poth cbhola tobu hoy na to purono

    I have one more song...i can play the lead part of the live version
    but never satisfied with the chords
    i m putting the lyrics

    Koto raat khujechi tomay durr tarader pothe

    koto boishali panchali nogore(2)

    Amar moner manushi

    Durr tarader prantosimay kon sur ajo bhese jay

    priyotoma monoroma smriti amarmoner kothay

    Chand tara ful mone nei
    ful bone keo bose nei...
    pathoro to kotha bole koto
    se sonar mon o nei


    Kotha galo bosnto sena..
    se je ache seje jay na chena
    chena achenar bhire (2)
    khunje barai (2)
  3. tanmoy

    tanmoy New Member

    thanxx duranta;
    hey other guys, com on.Is it believable that in our such a great guitar forum only one knows the chords of only one song of shilajeet!!!!! :rockon:
  4. chandan_gaan

    chandan_gaan New Member

    Shilajeet Song Chords

    Yes man Shilajeet is a little underrated. I really love Shilajeet. I have chorded many songs of Shilajeet and posted them in my blog

    if you need it,then you got to visit the link. Best of luck to u all.

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