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Discussion in 'Hindi Guitar Tabs - Submit or Request' started by light_of_erindi, Jan 23, 2005.

  1. light_of_erindi

    light_of_erindi New Member

    Hey, has anyone heard Shibani Kashyap's new song? I've heard it only 3-4 times and it has already started to grow on me!! :cool:

    I think it's titled "Teri Adaon ne" . Very nice ...and for most of the song...the only thing playing in the background is the guitar.

    It's a bit like spanish fingerstyle/ flemenco. I simply drool over such style of guitar !! :nw:

    If u have heard it or tabbed it... let me know...from the way it sounds...i think the chords are...

    Am Am7(?) D D7 and some variation of G.

    By the way about that Am7 ...I guess that is what u call for...002213...or is it something else?...please correct me if i'm wrong... cause I am not very good at guitar theory!! ;)
  2. light_of_erindi

    light_of_erindi New Member

    I can't believe anyone has not heard this song !!!
  3. light_of_erindi

    light_of_erindi New Member

    well...just in case ...anyone searches for the song in the future...

    I just saw Shibani play it on TV...and it's pretty much the same..

    except for D7 and G part...there's C Maj7 ( it right?) and Gsus (320030 (?) ) something.

    And there's also Em at the "Betaabiaaaaan ......"part .

    and the strumming... i'm proud to say ...i got exactly right !!! Tho i cannot explain it's kinda mixture of up and down strokes with muting at odd intervals....u have to listen to the song to play it correctly...

    I didn't like the other folksy song tho which she played..
    But still...I'm gonna get this album for sure...!enjoy ! :)
  4. ogdenn20004

    ogdenn20004 New Member

    yeah even i'm surprised to see that no one has heard this cool song by
    shibani kashyap. It's titled 'Kya NAzakat HAi'

    **** man no one is trying to make out the chords for this song.
    I've been trying to look for them for around 2 weeks on this site.
  5. light_of_erindi

    light_of_erindi New Member

    well atleast one guy here has heard it...!!! I think the chords r pretty much the same as i mentioned in second post...but i will have to listen to the track on CD and confirm it.
  6. guitarboy_anand

    guitarboy_anand MAN WHO SOLD THE WORLD

    its a great song .seems a bit difficult .i surely will try and your chords seem correct
  7. ogdenn20004

    ogdenn20004 New Member

    Try Your best man.

    Also Try To Search The internet for any link for the chords of this song.
    I saw her playing on Mtv Once at mtv select ,
    cmaj7 was there, and ...
    they were basically on the first 4 frets.
    Also, she was doing hell of pull offs and hammerons.
  8. hemants

    hemants New Member

    Ya haaan!!

    I love the song!!!
    the guitar part rocks...

    im jus waitin for sum1 to post the tabs...
  9. soulscape777

    soulscape777 Oneiric

    Here's a guideline to the song,hope this is helpful
    its a simple minor blues progression.....
    Am7.....D7 u can also play Am7 D9 or D7sus4D7...bluesier
    Cma7 Fmaj7 E7(first time) ...towards the end Cmaj7... Fmaj7... B7#9(alt) ....E7(a b9 resolve will be cool here too)
    some slash chords in the"ho jaane de.... "section (turnaround) F7/C....E7/B.....Eb7/Bb....Am7.....E7
    or cud alterntvly be named as Cm6...Bm6....Bbm6(no 5th n m7 on these chords)...Am7 resolves to E7.U cud also substitute the dom.7 slash chords with 9s .diminished chrds wud work too..although the 9s are a betr option.Improvise in A Blues....A Dorian n accent chord tones that way u get the juice in the song;)
    well thats it....hope this helps u folks.
  10. ogdenn20004

    ogdenn20004 New Member

    thanks Soul Scape.
    But im very poor in Guitar theory.
  11. tookool

    tookool New Member

    appreciate if someone can post tabs & chords of this song... love this song by shibani

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