Req: Shanai er Sur Chords

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  1. sitabja

    sitabja New Member

    Hi All,

    Can anybody post the chords for this song "shanai er sur" by Hashan along with the lyrics. I searched a lot for the song lyrics and the song, but as I could not get the song and the lyrics I could not derive the chords of my own.

    Ok now as of me, I am quite new to this forum. Have been following the threads for quite a long time....I just play rhythm....never learnt, no formal learning exp. I trust my ear and hands....into music since I was 4. I generally sing and play guitar as I love it....
  2. jit_bec

    jit_bec New Member

    sitabja ami toke pathiye debo amar kache aache--naku
  3. sitabja

    sitabja New Member

    Thanks thanks thanks....

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