Req: send me tabz for song Adat

Discussion in 'Pakistani Guitar Tabs - Submit or Request' started by sanwal_riz, Jun 21, 2007.

  1. sanwal_riz

    sanwal_riz New Member

    neone plz send me tabz for song Adat am new user so plz send me sum ez tabz as well thanx in advance
  2. saurabhrocks

    saurabhrocks New Member

    lots of them already present, here

    search the forums
  3. sanwal_riz

    sanwal_riz New Member

    i searched but .....all effortz vent in vain so plz kindly send me ez tabz for Song Adadt solo (atif )
  4. Rip_Uzair

    Rip_Uzair New Member


  5. cur_sed

    cur_sed New Member

    hay man here are the tabs of adat...
    E/7-8-77-7-5-3-22-2--2-3-2-0-2s3-h5-3-2 (continue)
  6. salman Rauf

    salman Rauf New Member

    adat tabs are
    iam also a biggner i tab it by myself and i think this is the correct tabs
  7. sachaa_aashik

    sachaa_aashik New Member

    hey here r the real tabs

    e/ 7 8 777 5 3 222 2 3 2 0 5 3 2
    e/ 7 8 77 10 12 10 14 12 10 10 10 8 7.7 5

    here r the tabz enjoy and i am a beginner 2 so plz send me tabz exactly like this ok in numbers
  8. nec_girl

    nec_girl New Member

    hey tabs for rest of song? easy tabs

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