REQ: "se je boshe ache" gaan tar chords

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  1. dreamtheatre

    dreamtheatre New Member

    keu ki amake "se je boshe ache" gaan tar chord ta dite parbe????
    ami accurate ta parchina..
  2. Nimit Daftary

    Nimit Daftary New Member

    it would be better if somebody posted the tabs too
  3. shihab

    shihab New Member

    Yes Parbo na keno :p......!!!

    Obosshoi parbo....

    Chords__/jeshob frets dhorte hobay strings 654321 onujayi....
    Taar-> 654321
    E 079900
    B 099800
    C#m 046600
    A 002200

    Puro gaanti Evabe chord progression-a kora


    Listen to the prog. for further tempo

    Rock on!:rock:
  4. dreamtheatre

    dreamtheatre New Member

    thanks bro....
  5. burochokkotti

    burochokkotti New Member

    না গো না... আমি বলছিলাম যে কেউ কি ওই gp5 tab দিতে পারবে?
    please দেখোনা গো কেউ...

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