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  1. Werdah

    Werdah New Member

    I just have a request for this new song which was released a couple of days ago..its by Roxen..and its called Yaadien...its a great song...and i was wondering if n e one can get the chords or tabs..i'd really appreciate it!

    Hear it at
    If ur a Jal fan...u'll love this.His voice is veryy similar to Atifs. :rockon:
  2. zain

    zain New Member

    yh da song really rox i also want da chords
  3. salman128

    salman128 New Member

    Hey Werdah!! Amazing song.. I cannot believe you didnt tell me about it!! I cannot get this off my playlist!! Its kinda like Dil Haray.. The chords are easy too.. The intro goes like this


    Through out the rest of the song, he does something like this:
    G: 3 2 x x x 3 3
    DN1: x 3 2 x x 3 3 [I think this is Cadd9]
    DN2: x 2 2 x x 3 3

    DN3: 2 2 4 4 3 2 [I think this is Bm]

    G DN1
    Yaadein .. Jeeya terpaaye

    G DN1
    In aakhon me.. Neend na aaye

    DN3 C G
    Ye man tadapta Jaaye

    G G Dn1 DN2
    Tumse ye raaste.. Kyoon hongey juda

    G G Dn1 DN2
    dil ki ye pukar.. na hona khafa

    [When he does this, there is a solo that is more prominent: I dont have my guitar, so cant tell you that one.. He also has a electic guitar with distortion in this part.]
    DN3 C G
    To phir kyoon ye durian

    DN3 C G
    To phir kyoon ye faasle

    The rest of the song follows suit, this is the next song I wanna do. I broke the strings that were on the guitar, I also broke the new ones I bought lol.. so as soon as I get new ones and hopefully not break them, I'll put something up on soundclick for you to hear..
  4. salman128

    salman128 New Member

    Urgh.. this thing broke the formatting of my message... just play the chords, you'll pick up the strumming patterns easily..
  5. Werdah

    Werdah New Member


    i know salman bhai..ITS AN AWEESOMMEE song...i heard it a million times..but i totally forgot to tell you about it..i've had no access to the comp..and whenever i always because i have to do homework..i failed this time as ur khabri...but it wont happen agian:)...THANK YOU SOO MUCH FOR THE CHORDS AND TABS..u are a GENIUS!..haven't tried them yet..but i know ur a wicked so these are gonna be aweosme. Thanks again. :nw:
  6. ImR@|\|

    ImR@|\| GuiTar MaNiaC

    ThANx SalMan.. IT SounDz GuD but lil bit CorrectIOn is neeDed
  7. salman128

    salman128 New Member

    Imran, you are right - I was playing it the other day - and instead of

    DN3 C G
    To phir kyoon ye durian
    it should be

    DN2 DN3 G
    To phir kyoon ye durian

    same applies for Ye man tadapta Jaaye and To phir kyoon ye faasle. I have not had time, but when I get to recording these, hopefully these weekend, I will put them up on sound click and post the link so you guys can pick up the struimming pattern too
  8. ImR@|\|

    ImR@|\| GuiTar MaNiaC

    WEll itz really KEwL... nICe try but intro is not worth playin.. .
  9. Sadia

    Sadia New Member

    its an amazingggggggg traaaack listend to it for bout 100000000 times and still yeh pyaas barhti jayyyyyy
    thanks for the tabs

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