REQ: Require Tabs for the song crazy feeling, Movie - Nenu Sailaja

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  1. demitri

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    Hi Everyone,

    I'm actually trying to figure out the tabs for the song "Crazy Feeling" from the movie "Nenu Sailaga".

    I need the Lead part (in guitar Version ) ,
    link to the song - ,
    especially the part from 00:11 to 00:18 seconds.

    Thank you.
  2. Hi Demitri,
    Here are the tabs for that 0:11 to 0:19 as close as i could tab them.
    Use the first and second string only , (in case of beginners please note that these are the two thinnest strings on the guitar).


    Have Fun.
  3. demitri

    demitri New Member

    Hi abhishekmalyala ,

    Thanks you so much for the tabs I much Appreciate it,
    After seeing your tabs I figured out the scale and worked on the starting Intro I think It goes like this --

    B-3------3-----1-----1---------------| xforever

    any suggestions ??

    Anyway Thanks again.
  4. Hi,

    It's slightly more complicated. The intro/background is played on the keyboard and the tune you had initially requested for is played on Saxophone/clarinet.
    Both are very different instruments. The key board has a more versatile pitch chart including around 5 or more octaves. The clarinet is usually played at higher pitches for lead tunes.
    When we try to replicate them on guitar, which is not as versatile (You see we have just about 3 octaves), we have to play them at different octaves, this background at a lower octave and then the lead at a higher octave, so that it sounds sharp. It may not be as good as the original, but will sound good.

    In this case, you wanted to play g d g d f c f c notes. I'd go with a# g a# g a C a C . And all the alternate notes (g and C in this case) have to be abruptly stopped, without any sustaining.
    So, play a#, then g and pretty soon, while g is still sounding, mute the string by gently touching it.

    You can play it at any spot. I am comfortable playing it here.


    The m in the above notation means to mute the string soon after playing the note.

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    This is very nice and decent post you rocked posting it thanks a lot for posting it...

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