Req : Rang he Nave Nave - Coffee Ani Barach Kahi

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  1. sam.fisher

    sam.fisher New Member

    I am lookin for the chords of this lovely song plz help me if anyone can.
  2. Rākar baḷakedār

    Rākar baḷakedār New Member

    Find it will be a hard work...try search on google
  3. NitinDon

    NitinDon New Member

    I have managed to find the chords my self. hope that helps
    The song is in Dm

    Rang he nave , duniya hai nayi nayi ,
    Mornings are just magical, shamen bhi hain surmayee

    Dm -------------------------------------------------------- C
    Dil mein jaise titliyon ke saikadon hain par lage
    Dm ------------------------------------------- G
    Hanste hanste khwab se jase koi jage ,
    Dm -------------------------------------------- C
    Gaath kahi bandhli tari kuthe dise na tu ,
    Dm ------------------------------------------------------------ G
    This is not a real crush I guess its something more

    Khwabon mein bhi , khayalon mein bhi ekati asen mi asech to hi sobati
    Rang he nave nave , duniya hai nayi nayi ,
    Mornings are just majical, shamen bhi hain surmayee

    Nitin Dongare (

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