REQ: [Raghu Dixit Project - Masti ki Basti]

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  1. Mridumalay

    Mridumalay New Member

    This is an amazing song made by the band, with the King of Naga Folk Blues.

    You might have watched on
    Star Worlds' Show, "The Dewarists". It was on the last ep. Of season 1.

    Someone please tab it or Help me in tabbing it.
  2. xenos

    xenos New Member

    It definitely has an A and D for most of the part.
  3. uthsavkhettry

    uthsavkhettry New Member

    Standard capo needed...
    Chords used - G A Am D C F
    G A C A | D C |G A C A(only in bass chords)
    Nd d song is having d chords as follows...
    First stanza
    Masti ki basti me he zindagi ye hasti h...
    Am F Am
    (The same thing will go on)
    2nd stanza
    F Am C
    C Am F

    I guess these chords would b useful.....
    If any problem arises yall are always wlcm to ask....

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