Req: Rabindrasangeet - Anandoloke Mongolaloke

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    This is my first post in the forum. I have been a silent reader for more than a year now, and have learned to play a number of songs from chords posted here. Thanks a lot to the forum members for sharing their guitar knowledge. Now I need some help with one song, and hence I am writing this request.

    Can anyone please help me with the chord of the Tagore song: Anandoloke Mongolaloke?

    I have more or less sorted out the main chords, but have confusion in some parts. Specially, the "bishshojogoto monivushono.." part where there is a note from outside the major scale. Can someone suggest which chord will sound good there? Since I am only familiar with Major and Minor chords, I cannot keep trying to find out the most suitable chord there.

    Please, help.

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