REQ: Rabba - Fukrey Chords

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  1. musicinheart

    musicinheart New Member

    Love this song.

    I think I have the chords down. Lets see if anyone things differently

    Am Dm C F

    I am also unsure about the part (zagmag zagmag when it comes second time around with different notes)
  2. jimihndrx

    jimihndrx Guitar Hero

    I'hv recieved a couple of requests through PM's to do the "Koi Taara Chamke Rooh Mein" part from this song which is sung by Ram Sampath in the Intro & Outro of the song. @musicinheart you have figured out the correct chords for the verses.
    so Iam giving just the "Koi Taara Chamke Rooh Mein" parts sung at the beginning and end of the song.


    Koi (Dm)taara chamke (Gm)rooh (Dm)mein..
    ..Aur (C)mujhko raah di(G)khaye..
    ..Koi (G)karam ho soone saazon pe aur..(C)hmm..(CM7)aur..(C)hmm..(CM7)aur..(C)hmm..aur..

    Koi (Dm)taara chamke (Gm)rooh (Dm)mein..
    ..aur (C)mujhko raah di(G)khaye..
    ..koi (G)karam ho soone saaz pe..
    ..aur (C)dhun poori ho (Dm)jaaye..
    ..ek (C)lay chale kuch (Am)sur bahein..
    ..Ye (C)silsila chal(Dm)ta rahe..
    ..kabhi (C)bol ke kabhi (Am)bin kahe..
    ..ek (C)baat (Fsus2)si chal(C)ti (G)rahe..

    Koi (Dm)taara chamke (Gm)rooh (Dm)mein..

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  3. musicinheart

    musicinheart New Member

    Waht about the middle part

    Zagmag zagmag in galiyo main
    humko koi jaaga dilade
    yahan hamara dil na lage
    utha wahan se yahan dilade?

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