REQ:plz solve my problem for "kahin duur jab din dhal jaaye"

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  1. milesfastguy

    milesfastguy New Member

    hi everyone. posting after a pretty long time. n this refers to one of ma all time favorites-- kahin duur jab din dhal jaaye frm da movie Anand.

    guys i hav been playing this song but there's a problem.. i searched IGT for da chords n da best i cud find was this progression-
    .....and so on......

    now i think these chords r pretty perfect BUT if u listen carefully enough to da song u will notice that the song actually starts in G#. guys i feel these chords r perfect but wenever i play its lead im 99% sure that the song is in da key of G#. so i switched to G#. but somehow im really not able to figure out da chords in G#. i tried to construct da chords by harmonizing in terms of G# as da tonic but these chords seem totally outta tune.

    plz guys help me in getting da chords in the key of G#. or clarify if da F version is correct or not.

    thanking in advance..........milesfast
  2. makdee

    makdee New Member

    I played this song last year so don't remember the scale correctly but is may
    be F or G and not G# . I will you the scale next day after consulting my
    music teacher .
  3. abhishek999

    abhishek999 New Member


    hey really sorry makdee. next time i'll take care that u're not a makda.ha ha.:RollLol: sorry:RollLol:
  4. sat_yam

    sat_yam New Member

    HEY ABHISHEK , What is makdee + makdaa .
  5. abhishek999

    abhishek999 New Member


    probably its makd(ee+aa)
    but why man? (i hpe so this time satyam:think: yes quite sure u are a man.)then i dunno.

    makdee once again dont mind.:sorry:
  6. milesfastguy

    milesfastguy New Member

    hi makdee thanks for ur concern.....waitin for ur answer
  7. Keoraf

    Keoraf Keyboard Player

    Played this song long time ago, can't remember the chords exactly, but if i'm right then these are the chords:

    | E | B | Cism | B | E | 2X
    | E - Fism | Fism - E | E - B |
    | B - Esm | Esm - E |
    | E | B | Cism | B | E |

    | E | Gism | Fism | E | 2X
    | E - Fism | Fism - E | E - B |
    | B - Esm | Esm - E |
    | E | B | Cism | B | E |
  8. makdee

    makdee New Member

    Hello Milesfastguy ,

    The scale is E . and the song starts with G# note .

    Chords of keoraf are correct but I think A major chord is also used in the
    song .
    So try this chord set in your song -
    E C#m B F#m F# A

    And Abhishek and Sat_yam you both are
    [size=+2] Why to take care of such silly Message's .[/size]
  9. milesfastguy

    milesfastguy New Member

    sorry makdee but i think dat u r wrong. u say that the scale is E n da song starts on G#. hows dat possible?? if da song starts on G#(n im 99% sure abt dat) then the scale is G# itself.
    another thing the chords posted by keoraf n you r wrong in most places. ur set even had da chord Esm??!!! E doesnt hav a sharp dear frnd.
    anyways im workin on da song now with G# as da tonic. till now i found this to work well--

    kahin duur jab din dhal jaaye

    saanj ki dulhan badan churaaye chupke se aaye

    will post the whole song soon.
  10. abhishek999

    abhishek999 New Member


    not a full song though .may help u.


    : Kahin Door Jab Din Dhal jaye
    : F

    : Saanjh ki dulhan badan churaye
    : Bb C

    : Chupke se aaye
    : F

    : Mere khayalon ke aangan mein
    : Gm F

    : Koi sapnon ke deep jalaye, deep jalaye
    : C G F

    : Kahin...

    : Kabhi to yeh dil kahin mil nahi pate
    : Bb

    : kabhi to yeh sapnon ke pichhe pichhe bhage
    : Gm C F

    : mere khayalon..
  11. Keoraf

    Keoraf Keyboard Player

    As far i can remember the scale for this song is just the E major scale.
    I also do know that the Esm isn't from this scale, but friend maybe you don't know this, almost all songs is going out of scale, there are very less songs just played in one scale. So in this song the tune is going out of the scale, for me the Esm in that part is sounding perfect as for some other people the F# chord could be sounding good too, its their choice!!!!
  12. sat_yam

    sat_yam New Member

    I m sorry ............. Makdee

    Yaar abhishek apne saath saath mujhe bhi lapet liya . Maine ek simple
    question poocha tha ki kya hua jo ye Makdee aur Makdaa episode suru ho
    gaya hai . Aur yaar tumne uska kuch aur hi matlab nikaal kar mujhe bhi apne
    saath add kar liya jaise maine kisi ka majaak udaya ho . Sorry Makdee .

    [size=+2] Milesfastguy who say's that from which note
    song's start is its scale ? . When a song starts from a note based on it ( first
    chord ) the scale is decided . Some times even songs starts from a note
    while that is not even a part of that scale . Some such songs i think present in the forum search it yourself .
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  14. nazr

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    wht du umean but sorry 2 everybody.
  16. chotaamotagroup

    chotaamotagroup New Member

    The scale is E major . I checked it .
    Makdee didi I think you have good knowledge of music why don't you post
    some songs in the forum .
  17. milesfastguy

    milesfastguy New Member

    hi satyam. ok agreed wid ur point dat a song can start on a note i rrespective of whether it is in da scale. but wat i was sayin is dat i really cant decide whether this song is in F or G#?? n now keoraf says dat its in Emaj. plz note here dat im only talkin abt da chords coz wen u play lead of this song it starts on G# 101%.
    dude another thing---wat i really dont get is dat keoraf has spelled da chord Esm not once but twice. wat is this chord??? i think we all know dat E doesnt hav a sharp. isnt it?

    waitin 4 ur response........milesfast.
  18. Keoraf

    Keoraf Keyboard Player

    One thing for sure man, the original scale for this song is certainly not F and G#, but its the E major scale. And you are right, the song start with the G# note, but the chord is for sure the E major!!!!
    And why i used the Esm? The note sung in the original scale in that part of the song is the Bes, so you should know the Bes note isn't a part of the E scale, so in my opinion there many chords with the Bes note that could be played, but i think the F# and the Esm are the best and i went for the Esm just because it sounds better, for me at least!!!!!!
  19. milesfastguy

    milesfastguy New Member

    thnx keoraf for replyin. ok plz do me a favour. plz define this Esm that u use. tell me wat it is. if its a chord giv me its formation. another thing plz also tell me wat u mean by Bes??
    n i'd like to tell u that wenever i play songs i dont follow the indian scale. i use the 12 tone western scale which goes as-
    A A# B C C# D D# E F F# G G#

    waitin 4 response...........milesfaster
  20. Keoraf

    Keoraf Keyboard Player

    Esm = Eb(D#) minor chord, Eb(D#)-F#(Gb)-Bb(A#) notes
    Besm = Bb (A#) minor chord, Bb(A#)-C#(Db)-F notes

    The scale you metioned is called the Chromatic scale! In the Chromatic scale all the 12 notes are involved and as far as i know it has nothing to do with Western or Eastern or whatever!


    Sorry you didn't asked for the Besm chord but the Bes note, Bes = Bb(A#)

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