Req.plz post chords for,,' Anandha kuyilin paatu' from Kaadhaluku Mariyaathai'

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  1. boaz

    boaz New Member

    I think its a beautifull song to play in guitar. can some please post the chords for it,
    Thank yiu,,
  2. roentgen

    roentgen Member

    Here's ur req.

    (Fm)Aanantha Kuyilin Paattu Dhinam (Bbm)Engalin Veetukkul(Fm)lae
    (Fm)Pookkalil Nanayum Kaatru Dhinam (Bbm)Engalin Thoatathi(Fm)lae
    (Ab)Kili(Fm)galin (Bbm)Kootu(Ab)kulle Puthu (Eb)Ulagam Pirantha(Bbm)they
    (Ab)Anbu (Fm)Konda (Bbm)Nenju(Ab)kulle Oru Vaanam (Eb)Virinthathey
    Kanigal (Fm)Thithippa Kavithai Thithippa Athu Anbaivida Thithippa

    (Fm)Bhoomi Engum Kandathillai Paasathai Unpo(Bbm)lae
    (Bbm)Vaer Ethuvum (Ab)Thevai Illai Anbukku Munna(Fm)lae
    (Fm)Nenjukulle Poo Malarum Veetukkul Vanthaa(Bbm)lae
    (Bbm)Nimmathiyil Kanvalarum Paattukkal Thanthaa(Fm)lae
    Intha (Ab)Sonthangal Pothumae.. Engal Inbangal Koodumae..
    (Bb)Anbennum Deepam Aetriya Veedum (Fm)Deivathin Aalayamthaan
    (Ab)Veedu Endraal Moatcham Endraal (Fm)Veedu Andro (Bbm)Nesathilae

    The (Ab)Skies Are (Bbm)Grey And (Ab)Cløudy And (Db)We Are (Bbm)Feeling (Eb)Blue
    Ur (Ab)Gøing Tø (Bbm)Be Our (Ab)Šunlight And (Db)Make Our (Bbm)Dreams Cøme (Eb)True
    (Ab)Løve Is Always (Bbm)There With Us Tø(Eb)gether..
    (Ab)Feelings Are Før(Bbm)ever And Før(Eb)ever..

    Rajesh :music:
  3. vs.suresh

    vs.suresh New Member

    Beautiful song Rajesh.. Thanks for posting the chords...

    Keep posting...
  4. boaz

    boaz New Member

    Thank you so Much Brother,,,
    Great,,! :)
  5. pearlmaharajan

    pearlmaharajan New Member

    superb family song.. from Maestro... again... he is the one who gives all kinds of music.. do you guys remember any family song like this from other music director ? thats y he is a legend...

    and Roentgen... thanks for your efforts... it did great
  6. SATHYA167

    SATHYA167 New Member

    Pachai Kiligal thoalodu by ARR is a nice family song. I had the tab for this song on 01st January of this year.... KJY had make the song worth humming.............. Sathya
  7. pearlmaharajan

    pearlmaharajan New Member

    hmm... a rare one from ARR... nice song... kjy is such a talent who just occupies us instantly. thanks for remainding shall get back to it today night... thanks

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