[REQ]Phir Wahi raat Hai movie:- Ghar...[TABS]{CHORDS}

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    [REQ]Phir Wahi raat Hai movie:- Ghar...[TABS]{CHORDS}

    hi , frnds
    i want Phir Wahi raat Hai movie:- Ghar... chords and tabs plz help me

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    I have included the prelude piece. As for the other pieces played during the song and also in the interlude, my recommendation would be to improvise. This song (like a few other pancham songs) offers great opportunity for improvisation.

    The prelude is in between Kishore’s singing. So, listen to the song carefully to get the correct timing.



    The song
    D# Bb
    Phir wohi raat hai
    G# Cm Bb
    Phir wohi raat hai khwaab ki
    F Bb D#
    Ho raat bhar khwaab mein dekha karenge tumhe
    Bb Bb G# Gm F
    Phir wohi raat hai

    The acoustic guitar part in the second interlude basically plays Bb and Cm chords in the first four strings (e, B, G, and D). It involves the frets 8, 6, and 7. I have a particular way of playing this part, but that is not necessarily the exact way it was played in the original song. As mentioned before, this song provides a great opportunity to improvise.

    The antara:
    Bb D# F# Bb
    Kaanch ke khwaab hai, aankho mein chubh jayenge
    Bb D# F# Bb
    Ho palkon mein lena inhe, aankhon mein ruk jayenge
    F D#
    Ho yeh raat hai khwaab ki, khwaab ki raat hai

    **Note: This is the original scale in which the song was sung. However, in my experience most singers find this scale to be too high (well, that is what that made Kishore Kumar a legend). So, make the necessary changes in the guitar solo part when you scale down.
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    thx deb for chords and tabs toooo

    thx dear,

    i didnt played yet ...but thx for posting this....

    let me play and see..hows tht

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