Req: Payal by jal pplease

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  1. sam_guitar

    sam_guitar New Member

    all friends
    happy new year
    and please i need chords of Payal by jal the finest song of Album so please pelase please please if you want to download the song
    these sites are here plzzz now
  2. desidude01

    desidude01 Drummerboy

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  3. desidude01

    desidude01 Drummerboy

    And a very happy new year to you!!
  4. guitarist-Saif

    guitarist-Saif New Member

    Jal - Payal chords......


    frend the chords r very simple

    C Am
    kaanch ke the saare waade.

    C Am
    rishte ya kachche the dhaage.

    only thes 2 chords r used in the whole song
    dont worry .
    just try these out. i'm little bit lazy 2 write the whole song.
  5. sam_guitar

    sam_guitar New Member

    Thanks you both

    thanks me ne check naee kiye .. after checking :p rap wi ll be add and kindly tell me how to add it :p rap :p
  6. AshesofDoom

    AshesofDoom New Member


    dude..chords are fyn....but i think at sum variations...G is also layed...try it out...spl. end verses and aalap!!
    P.S. played 4 very less tyme...say .5x of the the real strumming!
  7. suzy24a

    suzy24a New Member

    i think the chords are slightly different it is not 'Am' it a chord i don't know the name
    just put the upper finger (of Am) one flat ahead
    try this is actual chord
  8. huz9

    huz9 New Member

    Payal Jal

    Follow this progression through out the entire song
    C, Am, G, F

    C Am
    Kaanch ke the saare vaade

    G F
    Rishtey aa kache the dhaage

    and just carry on using the same pattern

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