Req: Pardes Do dil mil rahe hai background music

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  1. KannadaBoi

    KannadaBoi Kannadiga

    Does anyone know the guitar part that Shahrukh plays in the background while singing Do Dil? I tried to figure it out but couldnt. Can anyone please post the tabs for it? Thanks in advance :rockon:
  2. Strings Attache

    Strings Attache New Member

    hi just try playing this


    and continue playing this...tell me if this works!!!
  3. KannadaBoi

    KannadaBoi Kannadiga

    THanks a lot, havent tried it yet, will try it an tell you if it works
  4. KannadaBoi

    KannadaBoi Kannadiga

    NIce maan, thanks a lot, but its not 100% accurate..could work though. THanks man
  5. Strings Attache

    Strings Attache New Member

    This is like the intro it as softly as you can and then start with the chords while singing which should also be played as softly as possible .i dont know which chords are there though so cant help u there!! sorry man but i will try out another version if i can and post it. till then try to find the chords
  6. KannadaBoi

    KannadaBoi Kannadiga

    the second part is right, but the first part should be a bit lower I think
  7. its4ashish

    its4ashish New Member

    Please Send the full Tab of this song
  8. notty_lad

    notty_lad sudo undress

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