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  1. Zeus

    Zeus New Member

    Hi, does anyone has that song papa khetai hai, dunno the movie name. Thanx in advance!
  2. HellRazor

    HellRazor New Member

    Yea...i had this...gotta c if i still have it.
  3. cshe108

    cshe108 New Member

    Zeus, you must have grown up outside India to not know
    the name of the movie :).
    Anyhow, are you looking for chords of the song or the song
    itself (mp3)?
    Here goes the chords cut and paste from the file of chords
    at yahoo group indianguitartabs..


    Song : Papa kahte hai
    Movie : Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak
    Chords by: Rajivkumar S. Kedia

    The words might be somewhat wrong. I am writing them from
    memory. But I think that the chords are correct.
    C stands for C major
    F for F major
    Am for A minor
    G for G major

    C Am F G
    Papa kahte hai bada naam karegaa

    C Am F G
    beta hamara aisa kaam karegaa

    C Am
    magar yeh to, koi na jaane

    F G
    ki meri manzil he kahaa...

    papa kahte hai.......

    Baithe hai mil ke

    .. Am
    Sab yaar apne

    sabke dilo main

    armaan yeh hai..

    C Am
    woh zindagi main, kal kyaa banegaa

    F G
    har ik nazar ka, sapnaa yeh hai..

    C Am F G
    koi engineer ka kaam karegaa..

    C Am F G
    business main koi apnaa naam karegaa..

    C Am
    magar yeh to, koi na jaane........

    papa .....

    The second antra can be played similarly.
    The chords used are :

    Am 0------------E

    C 0-----------E

    F 1--------------E

    G 3-------------E

  4. Redalert

    Redalert New Member

    Dammit...i was just gonna post it....shooot!!! Gotta improve me speed!!!!:D
  5. Zeus

    Zeus New Member

    AHHH...thats it, sry m8 me from aus, dont watch hindi movies much...liked that song though. Thanx for the tabs.
  6. RBJ

    RBJ New Member

    I got this chords...but now what will be the strumming pattern.? :confused:
  7. Redalert

    Redalert New Member

    oh god...dont ask that man...thats something u have to figure it out on ur own. Listen to the song again and again and again...till u get it.
  8. Taj

    Taj New Member

    Strumming is a guitarist's own technique he develops through is very skills, practice makes a guitarist perfect !

    and ONE more thing,

    " JO accha sunta hai wohi accha bajata hai "

  9. anshuk

    anshuk New Member

    :rockon: movie:QUAMAT SE QUAMAT KAT

    c e g a g, a ee c e a c a

    a g a g a g b c a/f, f e f e f e f/g g g g#

    a g a g a g b c a/f, f e f e f e f/g g g g#
  10. anshuk

    anshuk New Member

    hi guys
    strumming is something which u need to practice and listen .but the basic pattern is down up down up. if u transpose and modify to the song then it will work.

    here are some strumming patterns for those who end up with nothing when stumming of song comes

    1. down down up up down :- papa kehate hai,ek ladki ko dekha(1942 a love story)

    2. down up up (down up down up):- chehra hai ya chand khila hai(sagar), har kisi ko nahin milta (qurbani)

    the braket indicates to strum in mute mode. well these are the patterns use in many songs.
    need more pattern connet me at
  11. sumit

    sumit HaNdS uPPP!!

    to improve its strumming.u need to hear the song n play it acc. to strumming must match ur vocal and one more thing hey i ve tried its chords n it doesnt sounds good....i dont knoe the reason for it? pleZ try improving its chords
  12. ijlal

    ijlal The B chord

    i needed them like hell.. thanks for sharing cshe108
  13. anilwanted

    anilwanted New Member

    anshuk ..
    what do u exactly mean by the mute mode??

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