Req - Ozzy Osbourne : Mama I'm Coming Home Chords

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  1. sigmund_q

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    Hey guys plz help me out here.........
    i need the above chords...
    hv tried it out but can get the later half of the song....
    waiting 4 ur reply.........
    Njoy n keep Rocking...:beer: :rock:
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  2. prateek_a

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    chordsto mama i m comin home

    e] times have changed
    e]times r strange
    e]here i come but i aint no same
    a]mama im e]comin home

    e]as times go by
    e]it seems to me
    e]u could have been a better friend to me
    a]mama im comin e]home

    a]u took me in
    a]u took me out yeah ya
    e]had me at the time
    a]lost an found and
    a]and turned around by the
    b7]fire in ur eyes

    e]u made me cry
    e]u told me lies
    e]but i cant stand to say gudbye
    a]mama im comin e]home

    e]icould be right
    e]i could be wrong
    e]it hurts so bad its been so long
    a]mama im comin e] home

    a]selfish love yeah were both alone to
    e]rise before the fall
    a]but im goin to take this heart of stone ive just
    b7]gotta have it all
    a]ive seen ur face a hundred
    a]everyday weve been a-
    a]well i dont b7]care abt the
    e]sunshine a]yeah

    cause b7]mama
    b7]mama im comin c]ho d]ho e]home
    im comin c]ho d]ho e]home

    keep rockin

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