Req: Original Chords for MAYERI

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  1. kordz_player

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    Dear Friends,

    Kindly submit the chords with complete lyric MAYERI by euphoria.

    Thanks and Regards,
  2. raja28loyola

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    hi dude.... check this out and let me know. if u like it then do give me some points.......

    Euphoria - Maaeri

    Teriyaan, meriyaan pul gayaa
    Pul gayaa har te jeet
    Hey maae ki karnaa main jeet nu
    A E G A E
    Howay na je meet, howay na je meet.

    Esus2, Esus2/A, Esus2/D, Esus2

    Esus2 Asus2 Dsus2
    Bindiya lagaati to kaampti thi palkein maaeri
    Esus2 Asus2 Dsus2
    Chunniyan sajaa ke woh deti waadein kal ke maaeri
    E B D A
    Mere haathon mein tha uska haath
    E B D A
    Thi chashani si har uski baat.

    (no chord) Dsus2 A6
    Maaeri aap hi hansdi, maaeri aap hi rondi
    C D E
    Maaeri yaad woh, yaad woh aaeri
    Dsus2 A6
    Gallan o kardi, maaeri aankhhaan naal larhdi
    C D E
    Maaeri yaad woh, yaad woh aaeri
    Dsus2, Esus2/A
    He maaeri

    Esus2 Asus2 Dsus2
    Baarishon mein lipatke maa aati thi woh chalke maaeri
    Esus2 Asus2 Dsus2
    Deriyaan ho jaae to roti halke halke maaeri
    E B D D
    Phir se main roun phir woh gaaye
    E B D A
    Thandi hawaaen ban ke chaaae

    Maaeri heera o gaandi maaeri gidde o paundi
    Maaeri yaad woh, yaad woh aaeri
    Jannataa o langdi maaeri mannataa o mangdi
    Maaeri yaad woh, yaaad woh aaeri

    Dsus2 A Esus2
    Ab ka karoon, kaa se kahoon e maaeri
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    yet another copy paste reply...

    hey raja ..plz dont copy other's work and ask for points...n as for kordz_player...these chords have been time and again posted...try n search the igt forums
  4. kordz_player

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    Anyways dont fight

    Hey friends dont fight.

    Ok one had copy pasted, but still made the efforts.

    For your info I had the chords on my mail id, but I forgot this. I downloaded once from the euphoria's website. Now I was not getting the same, so I posted a requested here.

    Any how, enjoy guitaring and have a nice time....:beer:

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